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Since 2012, our contractors have been busy making foundation crack repairs in Chattanooga, TN. Using industry-leading methods and materials all customers can expect nothing shy of greatness when it comes to commercial and residential crack repair. Our goal is to fix foundations at the core of their problems and not simply slap a bandaid on the surface and call it good.

Those types of repairs are generally temporary and never really address the issue. Each structural engineer on our service has extensive training and experience in tackling all types of concrete cracks.

After a thorough inspection of the area, we'll have a better understanding of how and why your foundation cracked in the first place. We'll let you know our professional recommendations and give you a no-obligation estimate. Are you ready to get started with Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts? Please call, email, or fill out our online contact form today!

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There are 4 Types of Foundation Cracks. Which Do You Have?

When it comes to concrete foundation crack repair in Chattanooga, Tennesse, we have to observe the presenting characteristics of the damages first. Not all cracks are the same and often require personalized treatment. Let's take a look at some of the most common foundational crack presentations:

  • Vertical Cracks - The most common type of foundational crack due to concrete shrinkage. We find that vertical cracks are much easier to repair and often result in less structural disturbance. Sometimes, a vertical crack can end up being diagonal depending on where it starts.
  • Horizontal Cracks - Unlike vertical, horizontal cracks are far more problematic. Instead of being caused by cement shrinkage, they are formed due to pressure. Things like changing the grading and exploring the irrigation system that surrounds the property often remedy the problem.
  • Stair-Step Cracks - A combination of vertical and horizontal cracks that look like stairs. When this type of cracking is present it suggests that the footing of the foundation is moving. The contractor will patch up the cracks before investigating the root cause of the problem.
  • Floor Cracks - Just like vertical cracks, floor fissures are pretty common and don't require much intervention unless they become larger. However, it is essential a licensed technician check them over just to be sure.

Our contractors have a solution for all crack-related problems. The sooner the cracks are addressed the less likely they are to cause structural issues. We have a blog page that details our repair methods and encourage all customers to take a look to better understand our foundation repair methods.

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Foundation Cracks Should Never be Ignored. Call our Chattanooga Techs Today for Prompt Repair!

Whether you're dealing with foundation wall cracks or something on the corner of your home it is always best o seek out professional repair services in Chattanooga. You never know what damages are lurking below the surface of your home or commercial property.

We understand it can be tempting to grab some caulk from the local hardware store and fill the cracks yourself, but we don't recommend that you do that. It takes a licensed and experienced structural engineer to inspect the cracks and discover how they began in the first place.

Sometimes there are problems with underground irrigation and soil erosion that need to be addressed so further structural problems don't arise. Did you know that foundation cracks can even affect the way your roof performs? The best thing you can do for your property is to call a professional contractor at the first sign of a foundation crack.

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Expert Foundation Crack Repair for Chattanooga Property Owners

The Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts are here to make your life a little easier by providing outstanding service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the foundation beneath your feet is strong and safe.

We utilize a number of different methods to repair concrete cracks like polyurethane foam injection, house leveling, and waterproofing services. Waterproofing? Yep! Sometimes underground water can get a little out of control and place undue pressure on your foundation.

By tightening up the area with professional waterproofing measures we can ward off cracks from reoccurring. We'll know exactly how to handle your specific cracks situation after a thorough FREE inspection. We hope to hear from you soon for foundation crack repair.



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"Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts made sure our home was water-tight! After months of having basement flooding issues, they were able to repair foundation cracks, seal everything and waterproof...we haven't had a leak since. Thanks again!"
- Ingrid M.

We've Got the Most Reliable Foundation Repair Services in Chattanooga, TN!

Getting foundation repair services has never been easier! Our team offers full-scale foundation repair for residential and commercial customers. You can rely on us to meet all of your concrete waterproofing, basement repair, and crawl space care needs. All you have to do is call us to remedy your foundation cracks!

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When Your Foundation Cracks, Our Contractors Have Your Back!

Don't wait for your foundation repair needs to become dire for your Chattanooga home! Take precautionary measures and invest in foundation repair services today. Receive a FREE quote. Call us at (423) 455-9911
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